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Brown is...

Brown is your Firm. Brown is your Trusted Advisor. Brown is your Counselors. 

Brown is a corps of decisive, compassionate, and radically honest professionals dedicated to shepherding you through conflict and crisis. Every member of our cadre has impeccable credentials. First-rate results at first-rate schools. Grueling training learning the Brown Way. Battle-hardened skills developed in and out of court. But that is not enough, not nearly enough. Every person in our unit must bring something more to our table. Serving tours of duty fighting on foreign soil or teaching in inner-city schools. Competing in Division 1 athletics or the world of business. Battling in a cage or the legislature for civil rights. We expect more than just a “K through JD” life story for those who seek admission into our world. Even still, to be selected, regardless of accolades, ribbons or scars, every professional must constantly and continuously exhibit the highest degrees of ethics, courage, compassion and respect for our clients, our opponents, and ourselves without equivocation, hesitation, or reservation. This is your Brown.

Gregory Brown

The Trusted Advisor

Founded and manages Brown. Has served as lead counsel in the defense of hundreds of high-profile, high-exposure lawsuits and insurance coverage disputes. Has first-chaired numerous significant jury trials to verdict in state and federal courts. Has guided corporations, professionals, and executives through catastrophes, scandals, and tragedies. Is a Trial Lawyer. Is a Counselor-at-Law. Is a Trusted Advisor.

Wickr:  gregorywbrown
Text:     919.696.0322
Dial:     919.719.0857

The Counselors

Dan Strong

Counselor at Law

Kristi Gavalier

Trial Lawyer

Robert Macia

President (Non-Attorney)