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Sometimes, well, the bear eats you. Mistakes and misdeeds happen.  
Life happens.

Executive and Professional Crisis Management.

Ruin. Revocation. Investigation. Accusation. Impairment. Dissolution. Scandal. When these barbarians are at your gate, we are your trusted advisor. When your company, your colleagues, or you are on the verge of calamity, for whatever reason, we are your thoughtful protector. If you are facing an internal disaster or a public relations nightmare, we are your faithful defender.  

Our crisis team is comprised of compassionate professionals with a lot of wear on the tires. We offer comfort, kindness, and wisdom. We will manage the legal pressures that bear down on your personal and professional existence. When called upon, we are your first responders and can assemble a cadre of seasoned allies — forensic accountants, criminal defense counsel, ethics specialists, healthcare providers, domestic attorneys, public and government relations navigators, corporate governance consultants —all to help you overcome the challenges confronting your executive or professional existence. We frequently represent lawyers, doctors, architects, engineers, and other professionals in licensing board grievances and disciplinary proceedings. We have also been called upon to address liabilities created by C-level executive substance abuse and impairment.  

We are not doctors or therapists or healthcare providers. We are caring lawyers who are here to help executives, professionals, and their companies untangle the legal knots that these types of events and conditions create.