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Carrot, not stick. From time to time, you need us to play nice.

Dispute Avoidance and Resolution.

Every day, we see cases, controversies, and calamities where the last thing that is needed is another shot of ferocity or another blast of aggression. Our collaboration team is geared towards identifying those disputes that would be best managed and resolved by a dose of cooperation, a dose of reality, and a dose of compassion. We are proud to be able to represent and counsel our clients through some of the nastiest, most highly-charged clashes using alternative and non-traditional methods that lead to a quick, quiet, and confidential result. We have crafted unique quasi-litigation mechanisms, including private or mock juries and focus studies and single arbitrator arbitrations. We have utilized unusual mediation methods, and we have engaged in the collaborative process, which is fast taking hold as a legitimate, cost-effective and drama-free alternative to our system of civil justice.